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Agriculture and Aquaculture

Agriculture and Aquaculture

Our chlorine dioxide products keep your agricultural, aquacultural, and horticultural systems in good condition by removing microbes that increase mortality rates and reduce yields. Keeping your people, your business, and the environment safe is an important part of Sabre's vision.

Chlorine dioxide will keep your irrigation system free of micro-organisms, which promotes healthy yields.

Sanitizing Vehicles and Equipment

  • DiKlor®-W achieves virucidal efficacy against all viruses including COVID-19
  • Superior microbial kill in reduced time
  • pH neutral composition is less corrosive than alternatives
  • Safe handling for operators conducting perimeter biosecurity
  • Easily integrated into existing wash systems
  • Not limited by water source

The objective of chlorine dioxide disinfection is to mitigate the possibility of transporting pathogens that may have lodged on a surface. DiKlor®-W is a sanitizer and disinfectant for non-food contact surfaces used for commercial vehicle washes and biosecurity. In addition, DiKlor®-W is an oxidant with no residual toxicity.

Replenish™ System

  • Easy on-site storage of liquid solution without needing operation, generator maintenance, or precursor chemicals
  • Standardized chlorine dioxide solution allows for use of normal dilution pumps

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