Who We Are

BioWALL, LLC is a privately-held bioprotection technology company leveraging over two decades of experience developing and deploying bio-response, hazardous materials sterilization and large-scale remediation. Led by a seasoned management and scientific team with expertise in managing biological, chemical, and other environmental issues across an array of industries, bioWALL is well-positioned to partner with governments, corporations, and communities to identify and address the distinct risks and threats they face, helping to prepare for, prevent, and efficiently remediate biological and chemical contamination events.

BioWALL employs the world’s leading experts in chlorine dioxide and sterilant applications and is proud to reflect this in its technologies, products, and services. BioWALL’s mobile generation design was created out of a cross industry need for safer and highly-pure chlorine dioxide.

Keeping our world safe requires a vigilant, proactive approach to protecting its water, air, land, and life, without damaging its complex, fragile ecosystems. As a global authority on biosecurity and mitigation of biological and chemical threats, bioWALL offers a proven record of combining exclusive technology, industry expertise and on-the-ground experience to address the toughest threats the world faces – whether naturally occurring, induced, or intentional.

BioWALL is in business solely to protect you, your assets, and your community. From prevention to preparation to remediation, bioWALL solutions enable you to address a full range of biological and chemical threats quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. We work with you to stay ahead of these risks, protecting your people, assets, operations, and reputation. Using the most advanced scientific methods, bioWALL ensures the solutions we deliver are safe, effective, and efficient. With proven science at its core, bioWALL delivers integrated solutions ensuring you can prepare for, and rapidly address, critical high-risk events, and take concrete steps to prevent future outbreaks or contamination events.