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About Sabre Technologies 

Sabre Technologies specializes in chlorine dioxide applications that eliminate and control biological and chemical contamination. Sabre’s significant history and numerous patents on chlorine dioxide generation and process technology provide the framework for unique solutions to many industries, including Oil & Gas, Environmental, Food & Agriculture and Water Treatment. 

Sabre provides solutions to complex problems involving severe biological building contaminations, Emergency Response for biological and chemical incidents, Oil & Gas Well Stimulation and Water Treatment, and deliverable ClO₂ solutions for Legionella and waterborne pathogen control. Sabre has broad experience accompanied by a specialized and focused understanding of chlorine dioxide and the scope of its applications. 

The fleet of GEN8 mobile generation systems are the most advanced and integrated chlorine dioxide systems in the oilfield. The system's high-capacity allows treatment of frac and produced fluid on-the-fly, as well as perform SabreStim™ well stimulations. The GEN8 was carefully developed using two decades of experience implementing chlorine dioxide in the oilfield and the best patented generation technology in the industry.  

After the 2001 anthrax attacks, Sabre was commissioned by the US Government to decontaminate all of the affected buildings. Under intense public and government scrutiny, the safety and efficacy of Sabre's technology and the expertise of Sabre employees led to an official acknowledgement by the National Academy of Sciences that Sabre provides the best method for large-scale decontamination.


Mission & Vision


Provide the best quality chlorine dioxide solutions while utilizing the highest standard of safety to exceed our customers' expectations.


To be the leader in technology innovation and provide solutions which maximize our clients and stakeholders' success.


Core Values

S - Safety 

is our top priority, and we have a goal of zero incidents

A - Accountability

to our clients by being proactive and productive throughout all our processes

B - Belonging

in the work environment where all employees are proud to be part of the Sabre family

R - Respect

as we recognize the importance of people and their time and resources

E - Empowering

our employees to meet superior standards in all that we do

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